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~ Private Comm; created by shahni
~ If you wish to play and aren't a friend, feel free to PM
~ You don't need to be a member to comment, but please behave!
~ Any rudeness or wank will be smashed with a banhammer. D:

Tired of being stuck in plots in ongoing rp comms? Bored and want to spam? Want to break fourth wall and enjoy some time with other versions of your characters? Want to practice a new character out? Or even gasp, play something with plot? Feel free to do it here when you're bored.

If necessary, do post which canon is being done in the subject, since you might have developed canons for characters from other rps and such. This applies to those who might use the same character journal for community gaming, or if you just want to make use of icons. 8D

Also, be sure to specify, if applicable, if the post is open to other members of the comm, so they can spam you too if they want! Otherwise, expect lots of interaction! :D

Logs can be done here too, remember not to let posts get R-Rated, though yaoi, yuri, het, action is to be expected. We just don't want any sex on the comm, please. No limit to what can be done otherwise, and characters can be placed anywhere you want, however you want to displace them or not. AU is the key! Explore other worlds or just leave your characters where they are. Anything goes!

Most of all, have fun, no drama, behave yourselves and spam away! Who knows what stories you might be able to create! Go wild.

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